Did you know? Smoothies can be AMAZING!

January 7, 2018

Did you know? Smoothies can be AMAZING!

Juicing and smoothies are really in right now. They can be great for getting more and a better variety of fruits and vegetables into your diet. There is always a debate whether smoothies are good for you or not. The fact is - smoothies can indeed be super good for you, but they can also be terrible for you. It all depends on what the ingredients are.

Smoothie are made through the process of blending, meaning they preserve fiber and deliver an extra boost of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Let's talk about complex smoothies - meaning they are nutrient-dense, providing vitamins and fats. Fat is required for the function of your body, that is then burned into energy. Therefore, a healthy smoothie should contain some dietary fat. Simply blending a banana with milk, wont't cut it. There is little nutrition and hardly any fat for the body to use as fuel.


Commercial smoothies, from shops or juice bars can be a disaster, as they are mostly fruit based. Firstly you would never eat the amount of fruit they contain in one day, let alone in one serving. Secondly, apart from only containing fruit, more fruit and even more fruit, while no vegetables, there is often extra added sugar on top of that. Can you imagine how much sugar that is altogether?

Yes, way more than you need. This is what makes commercial smoothies so unhealthy. They have little to no carbs, protein, or fat. They only offer a little bit of fiber from the fruit but a tons of sugar. You may as well eat a mars bar and it would probably equal in calories and sugar content. Well let's give the fruit smoothies some credit - they do provide antioxidants and vitamins, however there is a better way.


Choose and make smoothies that are vegetable based with added grains, nuts, superfood powders, spices and (plant-based) milks or yogurts.

This way you will achieve a nice balance of all micros: carbohydrates, fat and protein. You will also receive some extra antioxidants and fibre from the vegetables, and vitamins and minerals from the superfood powders. This kind of smoothies will satisfy you for longer, will not cause sugar rush & crash and will provide some really beneficial nutrients for overall health. Smoothies can be a great and simple way to get in some extra nutrition.

What about juicing?

Juices can indeed be great source of vitamins and antioxidants. However, the same as with the fruit smoothies applies here. Buy and make juices that are mainly vegetable based with added grains, nuts, superfood powders, spices and (plant-based) milks.

Smoothies vs. juices

We believe smoothies are a better and healthier solution because they provide fibre thanks to which nutrients get better absorbed. Juicing leaves behind the pulp which contains fiber as well as other important nutrients that are tossed away and wasted.

Here are our 3 favourite SUPERFOOD COMPLEX SMOOTHIES:

green smoothie recipe, smoothies
Banana nuts smoothie, smoothies
smoothies, smoothie

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