How to Avoid the Extra Christmas Pounds!

December 19, 2017

How to Avoid the Extra Christmas Pounds!

‘Oh no - I have gained8lbs over the Christmas and I don’t know how it happened?!’

Does this sound like you?

This is the post-Christmas struggle that majority of people around the whole world experience. But there is hope! And the solution is easier than you may think.

How to Avoid the Extra Christmas Pounds! ALL you need to do is:

Eat and keep up your fitness just as you would normally….

Simple right?

Eating and exercising as you normally would, will ensure you can keep on track with your weight. But please - have fun because that’s what christmas is about. Have a few cheeky drinks and treats, but remember moderation is the key!

So apparently the average Brit will consume 7000 kcal on Christmas day - that is 7000 CALORIES!!! In one day!!! This means if you are generally eating around 2000 calories that is a 250% increase in calories! The average weight gain over Christmas is 8-9 pounds (4kgs).

With that in mind lets look at few simple steps:

christmas-yogaNumber 1.

This is probably the most important step - log in your food intake EVERY DAY into a food diary! We at TRANSFORM use Myfitnesspal to guide our clients.

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Make sure that the damage you make over the Christmas period is as minimal as possible through conscious eating.

Number 2.

Reduce (where possible) empty calories - little things that are either very high in sugar or high in fat, with very little nutrient density. Examples would be lots of orange juice, ice cream, biscuits and cakes and finally (yes, you guessed right) alcohol!

If your goal is important to you, you will keep up the momentum and punch through! So staying motivated will be the best way to stay on top of the game. Again, remember moderation is the key because no one would want to be on a strict diet over the Christmas period.

healthy-christmas-treats-5Number 3

Keeping up with your workout routine. No - you are not too busy to workout! If you have time to sit around for hours drinking and watching TV, scroll down your Facebook newsfeed or Instagram, then you most definitely have time for a quick workout. the key is getting to the gym, once you are there you feel better even if its not your best workout of the year!

If you follow a training programme stick with it! A quick morning workout, small run in the fresh morning air, or even take the whole family for a walk. Whatever gets you up and moving. Burning some extra calories will mean less guilt when you reach out for that mince pie!

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BONUS tips:

• Between rich main meals plan some healthy and nutritious snacks (especially vegetables or fruit, smoothies and protein snacks)

• Do NOT skip breakfasts - treat the whole family to a Christmas porridge (add cinnamon or other Christmas spices) or even healthy salmon and eggs.

All of this is will ensure you stay on track of your goals + start the new year in even better shape, rather than 8 pounds heavier. YAYY!


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