Inside? Outside? All the Personal Training Options in Hove are here.

November 27, 2021

Inside? Outside? All the Personal Training Options in Hove are here.

Like so much else in 2020 and 2021, the world of personal training got turned completely upside down. Gyms were shut and people weren’t allowed within 2 metres of each other so personal trainers had to get creative in order to survive. The proliferation of Zoom and other video chat services was a game-changer that enabled people to get the training they needed without putting themselves at risk of catching Covid. 

As the lockdowns eased, more options, like outside training, became available until finally, the gyms reopened. The positive side to all this hardship for trainers and clients alike is that all these options are still available so people have more choice than ever about how they access their fitness training.

Here are the various types of training offered by Transform Personal Training and some of the benefits and considerations for each one.

Video Call Training

People are still very aware that Covid 19 hasn’t actually gone away so lots are still wary about putting themselves at risk by going to gyms or other potentially crowded places. Clearly, training over a video call in their own home is an excellent option for them as they can get the training they need and still feel safe. It has the huge additional benefit of meaning they don’t have to go anywhere so it’s very convenient and time-saving.

A potential drawback is that these people will only have access to the fitness equipment they have in their homes. Fortunately, as we are very experienced in training people using just bodyweight exercises and minimal equipment, our clients still get the training they need to meet their goals.

Personal Training Outside in Hove Park

Because training outside in the fresh air is very safe from a Covid perspective, many people discovered the other benefits of outside training during Covid restrictions so have carried on since restrictions were lifted. Some people love training outdoors because of the fresh air, feeling of space, freedom to move around and getting a good dose of daylight which is very beneficial for mental health along with exercise. 

While equipment is still slightly limited to what trainers can carry with them, we have a great variety of equipment we can use with our clients and the only real drawback to this type of training for us is, you guessed it, the weather. This is Britain and we all know how unpredictable and unpleasant the weather can be. We can train in areas which are more sheltered though to minimise the effect of the weather.

Classic Gym Based Personal Training in Hove

We won’t pretend to not be very relieved to be back in the gym.  Online and outside training is great and we’ve really made the most of it but the gym is our natural habitat and comes with the benefits of being climate-controlled, dry and filled with all the equipment we could possibly need. 

Some of our clients also like training around other people and enjoy the atmosphere of the gym. Others like the routine of coming to the gym and getting out of the house. The only possible drawbacks of training in the gym are that it’s not ideal if you’re concerned about Covid and it requires the effort of physically getting there.

Everyone is different with different comfort levels and preferences so we’re very pleased to be able to offer all these options at the moment. As the winter draws in, outside training is becoming less and less practical but we will continue to offer it as long as we can. 

To talk through our various training options or any part of the services we offer, please get in touch by calling 01273 610609 or emailing or click request a personal trainer Hove consult


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