The Deadly Truth about diet soft driinks

December 8, 2019

The Deadly Truth about diet soft driinks

Cheers to those hot summer days when we tend to crave something cold and refreshing. To cool our bodies down, we often reach out for a bottle of coke for example. Oh sorry, I meant to say - DIET coke, because of course, you don't want to drink your sugar. You know what I'm talking about, right?

In a world where foods are no longer grown but rather genetically modified, it is easy to believe that diet foods and drinks are better for our health because they say to have less sugar. Well, here is the truth bomb.

The sad truth is, that the sugar that has been removed needed to be replaced by some unnatural alternative. Such artificial sweeteners used in drinks (but also low-fat, fat-free or sugar-free products) can have a damaging effect on our health. Drinking 'diet' soda drinks have been linked to type 2 diabetes and even cancer. And did you know?

Drinking diet soft drinks can lead to weight gain as opposed to keeping the pounds off. This is because the artificial sweeteners in diet drinks increase cravings and messes up the body's natural metabolism. But that's not all!

Beverages with artificial sweeteners have been linked to increased risk of high blood pressure, inflammation, stroke, and heart attack. Knowing all of this now, would a diet coke next time be the solution to satisfy your thirst?

What To Do

The answer is really simple - stay hydrated with water. While water should be your main source of hydration, having an occasional soda drink is no reason for panic.

How To Hydrate

Let's start with the fact that water makes up roughly 60% of our body weight, and therefore you should drink water more often than you think.

Hunger can often be mistaken for thirst and dehydration. On top of helping manage your appetite, staying hydrated keeps your body functioning well and of course, helps with weight loss.


When you feel like water isn't satisfying or refreshing enough, which at the time may be true especially if you feel dehydrated during hot summer days or following a workout, there are healthy alternatives.

Coconut water is a great natural way to hydrate and it sure is refreshing, especially if served cold. You can also make your own electrolyte water by adding a pinch of salt, a little maple or agave syrup, a squeeze of lemon and if you fancy, add some cinnamon too!

Electrolyte-enhanced water contains potassium and sodium, which help your body absorb the water more quickly.

Struggling to make hydration your new habit? We can help!

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