Missing a workout? Is it a big deal?

July 14, 2019

Missing a workout? Is it a big deal?

You just started your new fitness routine, you feel pumped and super motivated. Then you get tangled up in the daily busyness and you skip a workout, and two, three, or even more! Before you know it, you missed a whole week and you are slowly getting out of shape.

Now what?

Missing a workout once in a while is nothing to worry about. It's actually good for your body to take rests and have the time to recover. So how fast will you actually get out of shape? Read on to find out...

I've sipped a week of training, now what?

First, let me tell you - missing a workout isn't all that bad. A lot depends on what kind of a fitness programme/ plan you are following. If you are on a pretty intense fitness routine, a week off might provide you and your body with a nice recovery benefits. You might even see improvement when you return back to your routine, not only physically but also mentally (a little boost of motivation).

However, once your time off gets closer or past a one-week margin, you may start noticing some decrease in your strength and fitness.

I've Missed a Workout for Almost a Month!

First of all, no need to panic! But, you might want to get back to your routine soon. Again, a lot depends on what type of fitness programme you're following and what results you are expecting.

If you’re following an aerobic training program (swimming, running, or cycling), you may experience decline in your endurance in just about two weeks or so after stopping your routine. Such declines may not be obvious at first, but the longer your break, the more noticeable the changes may be (obviously).

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What if Your Goal is Fat Loss?

When you stop exercising for whatever reason while trying to lose fat, a lot depends on your diet too. Exercise is what creates a caloric deficit, therefore it's important you chose the foods you eat accordingly. If you keep eating the same amount of calories as you were while following a fitness routine, you will likely gain some weight.

So to avoid weight regain, make sure to adjust your caloric intake to balance out for the calories you’re not burning through exercise.

Consistency IS the Key

If you’re consistent with your training, taking a day or two off here and there isn’t such a big deal.

Be smart - if you're skipping your routine, always try to walk to places instead of driving, take stairs instead of the elevator and so on.

How fast you lose progress also depends on your training 'history'. If you’re new to exercising and you take a few weeks off, you will most likely lose more progress than a person who’s been training continuously for a couple of years.

There are a million reasons why you might have to skip a workout. Whatever your reasons may be, the key to not losing progress is to get back into your routine as soon as you can. Avoid postponing your workout for another day, what is stopping you today from hopping back on?

NOTE: If you’re sick or injured, take your time and get back into your exercise routine. Work with a medical and/or fitness professional such as Rob, if needed.

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