Why to choose a Hove based personal trainer over a bootcamp

February 5, 2019

Why to choose a Hove based personal trainer over a bootcamp

There are many ways to get in shape and a number of programmes to get you in shape. Choosing the right way of keeping fit can be just as tough as making it to the gym on your own and can be quite discouraging. There are also so many options: a personal trainers, gym membership, bootcamp… all these options can be overwhelming.

When making a choice you want to make sure you choose something that will make you feel comfortable, motivated and excited. This blog was written to help you find the right direction in choosing the right option for yourself.

In Hove, personal training and bootcamps are very popular, so let’s focus on these.


When trying to loose weight or get healthier, it is important that you don't lack motivation and inspiration. In a group setting this key element can easily get lost due to these mixed fitness classes. Training in a crowded environment with a number of people with different goals, sizes and fitness levels can be truly demotivating.

Bootcamp classes aren’t tailored to each client’s needs, while one person may find the classes too easy, feel bored and not seeing any results, other people may find the classes too difficult and over-strenuous. The trainer will also not stop the whole class just because it is out of your capability.

You are not meeting your goals and aims, everyone follows the same workout routine, with no personal approach or progress tracking. Often these groups are large than comfortable. These bootcamps are designed to train as many people as possible at once to make their budget prices worth it.

Personal Trainer

Training with a personal trainer can be especially helpful when you have a particular goal or aim. Although the cost may initially turn you off from hiring a personal trainer, the benefits you’ll gain from training with a PT are definitely worth it.

Our lead trainer is Rob, he has been in this field for 12 years helping people in and near Hove area achieve their fitness goals and recover their health. 

Rob helped me to understand how my food, mood and activity all linked up together. I used to run and run without the results i was looking for. Now I have more strength, shape, muscle and confidence, and i feel life is generally more balanced. Highly recommend Rob’s calm, patient and knowledgeable approach 

~ Shinbone Palmer

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Let’s look at few benefits:

1. Personalised Approach

A Personal trainer will listen to your goals and build a programme to fit your need and achieve your aims. Your workouts will be upgraded as you progress through your fitness journey.

Sometimes when your goals seem a little too high fetch, your PT will help you to find a way to achieve one goal at the time, until you eventually get where you want to be without burning out of quitting.

2. Instruction

Often in a group setting your technique and form may be overlooked or ignored. With a personal trainer this would never happen as they help you perform exercises safely and correctly. Learning how to perform exercises the right way will also reduce risk of injuries.

3. Motivation

Motivation is never an easy thing to maintain in any prat of our lives, especially not when it comes to exercise. Having a regular sessions booked in is already a form of motivation, almost a positive habit (read our blog about What are Habits HERE).

Your trainer will also celebrate and complement you on your achievements which can work as a real boost! For example at TRANSFORM PT each month we select one of our amazing clients who did the best job, to congratulate them on their hard work.

4. Accountability

If you are one of those people who needs a little push or a proper kick in the a**, a personal trainer is a must. They will have your back when it comes to getting you on a new fitness routine and teach you how to exercise on your own. Having to pay for your sessions and creating a relationship with your trainer can also be motivating, as firstly you don’t want to lose the money and secondly you wouldn’t want to let your trainer down. So you show up, and you do the work!

5. Variety & Efficiency

Some classes may be repetitive and become boring, while your personal trainer, trust us, will always make your sessions ‘fun’. No two of your sessions will look the same, there will be a variety of exercise, each session will focus on diferent part of the body, with Rob for example you’ll be practicing body weight exercises or using equipment for weighted resistance exercises, keeping your sessions exciting for you.

Not to mention, your time will never get wasted! A good personal trainer knows how to utilise your time efficiently.

BONUS: having a PT can be very educational, you get to learn a little about your body and muscles, but also diet and nutrition. You will also learn some new handy exercises, workouts and tricks that you get to keep for no extra cost.

Do you need a little help starting out or you are particularly looking for a personal trainer in Hove? Then BOOK your free consultation, now!

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