Will Going Vegan Help You Lose Weight?

September 12, 2017

Will Going Vegan Help You Lose Weight?

There are many different diets out there - or call them lifestyles if you wish. And there is ever so increasing popularity in the Vegan diet thought the world. But is that the way to go? Why to go vegan?

You may chose to try out this diet for many different reasons from ethnical, environmental to simply trying to shred a few pounds or get healthier by lowering your cholesterol.

Little bit of a history

The term “vegan” was first established in 1944 in England. It was initially a vegetarian diet with a twist, where dairy was excluded. Nowadays, vegan diet is purely plant-based, excluding anything and everything that comes from animal. Well since then - a lot has changed and evolved, and going vegan is becoming more and more popular.

What does being Vegan mean?

It is not only a diet but also a lifestyle where a person chooses not eat or use anything that comes from animals. This diet excludes fish, eggs, dairy and any products containing these ingredients. So vegan diet is mainly plant-based (fruit, vegetables, legumes, seeds, and nuts).

You can chose to be purely a ‘dietary vegan’, meaning you'd only apply the vegan principals in the kitchen.

OR you can chose to go ‘full vegan’ meaning living a lifestyle based on compassion and standing against animal cruelty in general (animal testing, the use of leather, etc.).


Why to go Vegan?

• Animal Cruelty
You may choose not to eat food or use any products that are production of animal cruelty.

• Environment
Yes, meat and dairy industry has a global impact on the environment and its degradation (increased water and air pollution, deforestation, and higher carbon emissions). So people following plant-based diet have a smaller carbon footprint than those who don't.

• Health Reasons
Or you simply want to improve your overall health, feel lighter and lose some weight.

Is Vegan diet healthy?

This may just depend on your approach. It is important to know where to get the right amount of nutrients. Also knowing that just because it is labeled vegan it does not mean it is healthy. Certain vegan foods can be just as processed and unhealthy as none-vegan foods. When it comes to soy its important to balance it with other non-dairy products such as coconut, rice, and nut based milks, and buy organic soy products to avoid those GMO ones.

Most common question once going vegan:

Where do I get my protein from?

There is plenty of plant-based protein sources out there. You can do this by eating foods like legumes, quinoa, green leafy vegetables, nuts, chia seeds, hemp or pea protein.

Essential proteins - Amino Acids

Amino acids are organic compounds form proteins, and together they are the building blocks of life. Essential amino acids (complete protein) can't be produced in the body, so they must come from food. The human body uses amino acids to make proteins to help the body:

• Break down food
• Support growth
• Repair body tissue
• Perform many other body functions

• Quinoa
• Buckwheat
• Hemp seed
• Chia
• Soy

• Wholewheat pita and hummus
• Peanut butter sandwich
• Spiraling with nuts and grains

Due to the fast increasing popularity of vegan (or vegetarian) diet more and more restaurants, cafes, shops, and products are available every day.

If your only goal is to lose weight, you don’t necessary need to cut out meat from your diet. Whatever diet you follow there is always a way to effectively lose excessed weight. This is where we can come in handy - book your FREE consultation now to get your customised meal and training plan. Whether you are just trying to lose some weight, put on extra muscles, or simply get healthier - we are here to help!


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