5 Best stretches for office workers!

Not everyone has the luxury to have a job which doesn't require sitting for many hours during the day, but what you can choose is what you do with the rest of your day to offset that potential damage.

At Transform PT we talk about 'mobility' and 'flexibility' quite a lot, and for a good reason. The more time you spend sitting down the more time you should take to stretch. We always carve out time in a session to focus on flexibility, but it needs homework too - not sure how to stretch? NO problem - we are here to help! Book your free consultation now to do something beneficial for your body.

Stretching at your desk might incur the occasional 'funny look' but if it is helping your back pain, no boss will want to stop you from preventing a sick day through your own diligence.

Office Workers - 5 Best stretches

HERE are some great ideas for you to try:

• Glute crossover
– cross your legs and hug your knee towards your chest with a slight twist towards the knee

• Hamstring reach
– use anything under the desk to prop your straight legs on and sit with your back straight while reaching towards and using your keyboard

• Hip flexor sitting
– similar to the glute stretch, with heel on knee, pushing the knee downwards to bring the leg parallel to the floor.

Office Workers - 5 Best stretches

These stretches can all be done without drawing too much attention to yourself, find out what works the best for you - there are tons of stretches and variations of stretches out there, best bet is to choose 3 or 4 which work for you and you stick to them, be consistent, once a day is better than 1 solid hour a week when or if you remember.

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