Forming Lifelong Habits

March 29, 2022

Forming Lifelong Habits

When you work with a personal trainer who helps you with your diet and all round lifestyle, it’s quite easy to stick to the good habits knowing you have to report to someone.  The problem is you can’t do this indefinitely.  Training programmes end and people fall back into their bad habits when there’s no one to keep an eye on them except themselves.  Ideally, a training and diet regime should imbed lifelong good habits that are easy to stick to - or return to because we all know life has a funny way of happening – in the long term.

Make it Make Sense

If you’re working with a personal trainer who says ‘do this’ and ‘do that’ but doesn’t really explain why, it’s hard to keep doing what they’ve said when they aren’t there to say it anymore.  What’s really useful about Rob’s training is he explains why you should do certain things.  When what you’ve been told just makes sense, it’s much easier to remember and follow.  An example of this is when Rob gives you exercises to do, he explains he’s giving you compound exercises that work big muscle groups because bigger muscles, and more muscles, obviously, burn more calories.  It sounds really obvious but it’s not something many trainers bother to point out.  Similarly, when he starts his regimes with functional exercises to improve your posture and range of movement, he does this so you can move more without restriction.  Things making sense like this make them much easier to adhere to and take with you.

Easy Adjustments

Similarly, if you had been given a whole new diet of recipes that take a little time to make, you would very quickly fall back into making the quick easy meals you’re used to.  That’s why Rob doesn’t do that.  Instead, he helps you make adjustments to what you’re already eating so it’s very easy to keep doing things that way after you finish training with him.  He also explains why he is suggesting these changes so you can make better informed choices going forward.  When he does give you new recipe ideas, they are very easy to make too.

Options Galore

The real bonus about being taught why you’re doing certain exercises or eating particular food is that, as long as you stick to the principles you’ve been taught, the options available to you are limitless.  When you’re taught particular exercises without the reason behind them or given a strict diet plan, you can get bored quickly and simply drop out of doing it.  Instead, being armed with the knowledge of how these exercises or foods help you means you are free to choose exercises and food that do the same job.  Rob has clients that return to the things he taught them time and time again when they want to lose weight as it works every time and those principles are surprisingly easy to follow.

Training for the short term is all well and good if you’re trying to lose weight for a special occasion like a holiday or a wedding but, for maximum long term benefit, it’s much better to make lifelong healthy changes.  Making these changes isn’t just about losing weight either.  Consistently healthier choices lead to a better quality of life both physically and mentally.  To talk to Rob about how he helps you create lifelong healthy habits, call 01273 610609 or email


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