Size Matters... When It Comes To Food Portions

June 5, 2019

Size Matters... When It Comes To Food Portions

There are cases when size actually isn't important, while in other cases, size really does matter. We are going to focus on the things where size plays an important role, and that is your food intake.

Nowadays we don't suffer from lack but from abundance. We buy more than we need and more than we can consume. Supermarkets and stored literally force-feed us with 2 for 1 offer, or the fact that when you get a large menu it's only a few pennies more expensive than a small menu. And therefore we buy and we eat, and we come to a point where being overweight or obese became very common, almost normal, while truly it is a real issue.

First of all - we need to learn to say no and listen to our bodies by eating the right foods and the right amounts. Eating out of boredom is as natural as breathing for our generations, but it shouldn't be that way. Paying attention to our feelings of hunger and fullness is important, and overeating is not beneficial to our health or wellbeing.

Why Size Matters?

It is one thing to say you'll only eat two slices of pizza and it is a whole new thing to actually act upon it. Portion control can be extremely difficult, and let's face it, those large fast food chains and restaurant servings/ combos don't help either.

Managing your portion sizes can be a number one step towards weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight, as well as it is a key to good nutrition. Creating a positive relationship with food is a great way to make portion control a healthy habit.

Portion Control Tips:

1. Drink water before eating

Before getting to the actual food talk, try to drink water before eating every meal. At times we tend to confuse hunger for thirst, as well as being dehydrated, you are more likely to overeat.

By reaching out for that glass of water, you not only staying hydrated but you are also managing your portion size. Double win, especially with the summer months approaching.

2. Balance Your Plate

Using the plate or palm rule is the way to go in knowing how much carbs, protein, fats, and veggies to have in a meal.

TIP #1: Divide the plate into 2 halves. Fill up one half with low starch vegetables, and divide the second half into two. One quarter for serving of protein, another quarter of the plate for complex carbs + a tablespoon of healthy fats.

TIP #2: Use a smaller plate - with bigger plates we tend to overload. If you serve yourself food on a smaller plate, the plate will look fuller but you will not overeat and will be able to control your portion better.

Too much of anything isn't good, but overeating on veggies is certainly healthier than overeating on pizza or pasta. Eat up your vegetables first - they are your friends. Vegetables are low in calories, but rich in fiber and other nutrients, keeping you healthy.

3. Keep a Track

If you're prone to overeating, try to avoid all you can eat buffets and load your plate only once as opposed to keep adding food as you eat. That way you lose a track of how much you've eaten and you are likely to overeat. Note that to satisfy hunger it can take 20-30 minutes, so hold on before you reach out for the top up or the dessert. Give yourself a little time for your brain and body to start digesting.

This brings us to the next tip...

4. Take Your Time

Eating fast, you're more likely to miss your hunger and fullness signs. Taking your time with your food, really enjoying each and every bite, is not only a great mindful way to eat but it will also help you to make sure you don't eat more than you need. By the time that a few minutes pass by, chances are you'll be satisfied and full enough, and might not even finish your plate. And that's ok! Save it for another day

Aim to sit and eat mindfully, enjoying every bite of what is on your plate. Make sure your portions are balanced when it comes to macronutrients. You can read more about macros (macronutrient) in one of our blogs HERE.


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