Attention Office Workers! How to Stay Healthy...

November 24, 2018

Attention Office Workers! How to Stay Healthy...

The ultimate office worker's lifestyle - staring at the screen sitting behind a desk and snacking away as if you haven’t seen food in years. In general the life of an office worker is sedentary and sugar-filled. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Sedentary lifestyle can have a a big impact on your health, higher risk of heart diseases, back pain, increased stress levels and poor blood flow. Finding the time and motivation to exercise in the evening, is most likely the last thing on your mind. This is why is it important to incorporate little lifestyle changes into your daily work routine to improve your overall health, physically and mentally.

So what to do? Read on and try these small changes we prepared for you. Incorporate them into your daily routine and practice them continuously over a period of time to increase your health and well-being.

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Here are our 5 TOP easy-to-adopt tips for office workers:


Set a little reminder and every hour stand up, walk around the office or just up and down a corridor to get your blood flowing. If you feel adventurous go and run up and down one flights of stairs!

At times or during a lunch break, go for a walk, give your legs a quick 10-15 minutes stretch to make yourself feel human again. If your office isn't too high try to take stairs instead of elevator or if you office is on the 9th floor get off on the 8th and walk the rest. You might hate it at first but over time this will become a habit that will make you and your body feel so much better.

Don't be too lazy to walk to your college's department, instead of calling them as usually, get up and make that extra effort. Not only will your colleague be impressed by your appearance instead of a phone call, you will also feel better, even if it's only a few metres.

You can also do some minor sedentary exercises such as clenching your gluteus, holding for five-seconds then releasing, repeat this several times. Or contract your abdominal muscles, hold for five-seconds and repeat as many times as you can. Lastly, get the legs working by stretch one leg out under your desk with your foot flexed, and moving it in a circular motion for as long as you can. Then repeat with your other leg. As simple as it gets!


At least 3 times per your working hours stretch. It really doesn't matter what you do, as long as you move, getting your blood flowing and heart rate increase slightly.

Simple standing stretches:

  1. Reach your arms up overhead lengthening and elongating your body, come ip on the tiptoes then allow your arms to lean towards the right hold for a few breaths then switch sides stretching and opening up the sides of your body
  2. Roll your shoulders up and over, and back and forth
  3. Perform a forward bend with your need bent and upper body relaxed over you thighs allowing the head to hang freely - give it a few yes and no nodes, relaxing the neck and shoulders
  4. Stand up tall, place your hands on your lover back and lean backwards, squeezing your elbows together, opening your chest and pushing your chest upward
  5. Shake it - literally, shake out your legs, your arms and hands

Did You Know?
Sitting for long periods of time can make your muscles to lose their elasticity and cause aching due to the lack of use.


Yes really, water will give you a sense of fulness keeping you away from snacking. Not to mention water means a happy body but will also keep those annoying headaches at check.

The secret is to treat yourself to fun reusable water bottle that you should carry with you everywhere to keep hydrated, while also protecting our planet by reducing your plastic waste.

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Be prepared! Always have a bag of nuts, some fruit or kale chips at your desk to avoid paying a visit to the vending machine or staff room for the chips and cookies you always crave during the mid-afternoon.

Not only snacks can be prepared, but also a lunch. Instead of buying something quick and unhealthy, bring a packed lunch that you prepared last night. Yes, it's en effort but it’s so worth it not only for your health but also for your your credit account. Get in for the double win!

Are you familiar with the 'you are what you ear' rule? Now try this one 'you eat what your friends eat', so during the lunch hours, aim to surround yourself with health conscious people who will positively influence you meal choices, naturally.


Give your eyes and your brain a break, look out the window and focus on what you can see for a moment. This is a great quick break for the eyes but also a little bit of a down time for the brain. Breathe, rest the eyes and hands - pause for just a moment.


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