Why is it important to have a free consultation with a personal trainer in Brighton and Hove?

July 22, 2013

Why is it important to have a free consultation with a personal trainer in Brighton and Hove?

What stops people from starting exercising?


Overall, most people in the United Kingdom (Brighton and Hove included) are aware that following a healthier lifestyle will lead to a longer healthier life. However, moving to a healthier lifestyle can be more difficult than you think. There are many “barriers” in the modern world some within your control and some not.

Examples include:

  • Time – time is a precious commodity and one that we all don’t have enough off!
  • Knowledge – knowledge of nutrition or exercise depends on the individual and varies enormously
  • Injury – plays a key role on an individual’s relationship with exercise and can affect ability and enjoyment a lot

In the same way as you would purchase a car, you would get it checked first and make sure it is roadworthy and safe to take to the road.  The same applies to you.  In order to move towards a healthier lifestyle it is advisable to make sure that your current health, exercise and eating behaviours and habits are assessed first before you embark on a training programme.  A consultation encourages dialogue about your current activity and where you want to be.  The results of the consultation will be your compass and regular review will help you stay on track and be modified according to your needs, knowledge and time.  It’s a great motivator to see improvements along the way, these improvements keep you going.

A one hour consultation is offered to every client in Brighton and Hove (and the surrounding areas) that we work with as we want to give each client the best chance of improving health and fitness levels.

So what are the benefits of a FREE  1 hour consultation with a health professional before exercising?

I follow a systematic review of your medical history, injury history, current nutritional habits, past and current exercise habits followed by a discussion of your fitness and nutrition goals matched against your time available to exercise and your exercise knowledge level. Then your trainer will make training recommendations in light of the information raised.

The discussion about the medical and injury history helps the trainer assess your barriers to exercise safely and effectively. Nutritional habits will affect your weight goals whether to put on weight or to lose weight. Past and current exercise habits allow your trainer to assess how much motivation and guidance you require achieving any agreed goals. Some people are new to exercise and require much more help than people who have been exercising for years – each person follows the same process but can often require a very different bespoke programme.

I am confident that I can help anyone from beginner exerciser to hardened pro through a systematic approach that discovers what the individual is REALLY looking for and then deliver a sensible, suitable and safe programme that fits in with their lifestyle and budget. Click here to read some soem awesome client success stories.


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** Specific results are not guaranteed. If you have rigorously followed our fitness and nutrition programme for six weeks and honestly believe you can’t feel the difference or see the results, we’ll recompense you the cost of your course.

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