With the Britain basking in Olympic glory, it is hoped that the legacy of the fabulous Games will live on and in some way improve people’s attitude and commitment to exercise.  As a PT and regular runner,  it is my one wish to see as many people as possible get involved in exercise for health reasons.  Exercise and good sensible eating habits are a gateway to a longer life, one that is less addled with unnecessary illness and dis-ease.  It’s easy to do, and easy not to do. Either way, cumulatively one will have a positive effect and the other will have a negative effect.

The number one exercise that is guaranteed to get you in shape and fit fast is Running!

Some people are naturally born to run, others are not. Either way we are all capable of running. Think of flight or fight. We have all run for the bus. We always see children running. Somewhere along the line, exercise becomes less important as we give way to education, learning, work, social life and then other aspects of life that squeeze out the desire to be fit and healthy, even though good intentions are there.

A few minutes is all that you need to get you started on the road to a healthier lifestyle.  Once you have mastered a few minutes, you will want to progress a little further. Yes that’s right you will WANT to progress.  Before you know it, you will start to feel less puffed out and look a bit leaner.  You will start to think about what you need to eat and when to sustain longer levels of activity. You will get to a point where a regular run will factor into your weekly schedule and you will look forward to running and appreciate the opportunities it provides to mentally tune out from a hectic day.

At Transform Personal Training we have worked with many so called ‘non-runners’; mapped out their run timetables, provided nutritional advice, encouraged them to join us on our regular weekly run clubs.  We have been party to many a proud moment when novice runners are signing up for 10ks and marathons.  The legacy of a healthier lifestyle is one that can be shared by all.

For more information about running programs with Transform Personal Training call us on 01273 610609.

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