Prices for Personal Training in Hove

FREE consultation

When we first meet, we’ll talk about what you want achieve from training. We’ll discuss how we’ll fit the training and healthy eating into your timetable. If that’s possible then we’ll make a recommendation of a suitable programme and timescale for training.

Prices from £35 a session

The initial consultation is free, but why not also book in for a trial 45 min workout so you can get a feel for how an exercise session might run. Our programmes don’t just include exercise sessions but also nutritional coaching and lifestyle coaching on a regular basis. With monthly reviews our programmes cover everything required to achieve body-changing results. Just see our success stories page. Monthly programmes range from £200 to £600 depending on the length of the programme and its components.

Team training, Couples Training & Other Programmes

Team training involves all the benefits of personal training but in groups of 4 people. Likewise for couples training.  If you book in for multiple sessions up-front, great discounts apply.

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