Top tips for the Festive Period:

It’s the time of year where temptation is everywhere. Office parties, friends to see to catch up for a drink or two and lots of shopping to do for friends and loved ones. By now,most of you will be well into the festive period. Everyone wants to enjoy the time but with a few smart moves you can save alot of work in January. They will work all year round too though so take note! 🙂

Anyway here’s a few sensible tips to help limit overindulgence:

  • Try not to arrive to a party thirsty. Quench thirst before you go with water or if you can take a small bottle with you.
  • Eat a healthy snack before going to a party. Naturally, this will take the edge of your appetite and make the high-calorie nibbles less attractive.
  • White wine spritzers as an alternative to wine or champagne. They make a longer lasting refreshing drink with less alcohol.
  • Offer to drive to some parties which will automatically limit the alcohol intake
  • Be selective about the nibbles consumed at parties. Limit pastry such as sausage rolls, quiches, spring rolls, and anything deep fried. Skipping the crisps, peanuts and bread will reduce the calorie load. Better options include lean meats such as chicken, turkey, smoked salmon, prawns and ham.
  • Keep fruit at home and in the office to snack on rather than the tempting box of chocolates.
  • Drink water between each alcoholic drink. It keeps you hydrated and limts the amount of alcohol consumed.

Have a great time but do try to keep those calories under control. Happy Christmas and New Years!!!!!

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