Strawberry Water

Possibly the most underestimated principle of weight loss. YOU MUST DRINK AT LEAST 3 LITRES OF WATER EVERY DAY. Water is the most important compound in your body. Here are some of the functions performed by water in the body:
Top 5 reasons to drink water:

  1. It is the basis of all body fluids such as blood and saliva.
  2. Water keeps the skin hydrated, supple and looking healthy and glowing.
  3. Water is the main component of muscles and keeps them toned and firm.
  4. Water dilutes toxins and removes them from the body.
  5. Often we confuse needing water with being hungry. So drink water instead of snacking

There are steps you can take to drinking more water, carry a bottle of water with you every where you go. When out, always buy a drink and have a glass of water along side…

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