The origins of this children’s nursery rhyme was to help small children know where their toes were.  Well we are not going to remind you of the rest of the nursery rhyme, but we would like to remind you that there are 10 of them at the end of your foot!  Your feet are essential, and yet they are often neglected before exercise, during exercise and definitely in between exercise.  Your feet need care and attention on a regular basis.

Care starts by the right footwear. No two feet are the same. We all walk differently and we all run differently, so your footwear needs to meet the demands of the way you run.  A good pair of running shoes should provide flexibility, durability, motion control and shock absorption. When buying your shoes, go to a store that specialises in sports shoes, or even better, visit a specialist running shoe store.

After exercise your feet still need your support, after all they have supported you during intense physical exercise and they have been packed away in a shoe, sweating in a sock. So make sure your feet are treated to a few treats. After exercise they should be washed and properly dried, keep an eye out for those little nasties such as athletes foot or other unwanted fungal infections.

Next time little piggy goes to market, remember to book a visit to a reputable podiatrist and a footcare specialist.

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