Update 4 Interval run on the treadmill – 10/01/01. After an all body strength training session at cheetah’s in Hove, I decided to do the interval run on the treadmill. I used the same times and intervals as update 2 last week – 14km/h and 10km/h with a 5 min warm up and warm down at the end. I found last year (when training for the Brighton marathon) that I lost weight in my shoulders and upper body. Therefore this year, I’m making sure I get at least, preferably 3, strength sessions in per week to attempt to maintain my weight and muscle size.

Update 5 Get Jogging run – 12/01/01 5k and 10k run with 50m sprints. As part of Get Jogging @ Fitforall every Wednesday at 6.30p.m.  As usual we warmed up as a group introducing each other for the new faces in the group. Dynamic exercises concentrating on the legs were the order of the day, lasting around 5 minutes. The weather conditions were perfect for running – slightly damp but quite warm. A good group of 9 people including some new faces ran down to Hove lawns in a group. Once at Hove lawns we performed 10 50-60m sprints into the wind between the lamp posts, jogging back to the start after each sprint. The aim being to get everyone working hard and pushing their heart rate into the 85% or more zone which helps increase fitness. After a brief recovery period, I gave the group a choice of either 5k or 10k to finish the run. I chose to take the 5k back to the gym as that consisted of Sky and Ruth – both new to the group. Ed & Bob kindly looked after all the other runners and got them back to the gym. I ran the stretching session at the end for the 5k and 10k runners to make sure everyone warmed down well & stretched all their muscles.

I’ll be running today at Fitforall on the treadmill. A threshold run of about 40 minutes with a 5 min warm up and warm down. I’ll spend about 30 minutes at my lactate threshold (click here for further explanation) to increase my fitness. I expect at my current level of fitness somewhere between 12 and 13km/h. I’ll share the distances and HR average once completed.

FYI, I missed Tuesdays training run due to an annoying niggle in my feet. The podiatrist diagnosed it as sesamoiditis some months ago so I cut back on the running and it seemed to clear up. Unfortunately, it seems to be back quite early in my training. He gave me a small plastic circle with a hole cut in it at the time. I placed this under the ball of my left foot for the last run. Out of the two feet, my left foot hurt less than my right. So it’s back to the podiatrist next week to get another insert for my right foot! I will also use contrast bathing to minimise the pain in my feet. I use two bowls of water – one hot and one cold, bathing my feet for a minute in each. About 20 minutes is usually sufficient.

That’s all folkes. Happy running!

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