Buffet breakfasts, leisurely lunches, ice cream on the beach, boozy barbecues and cocktails by the pool! With so many opportunities to eat and drink during the summer holidays, it’s unsurprising that sometimes our souvenirs are not the only excess baggage we bring home.

If the only exercise you ever consider on holiday is moving from your beach towel to take a momentary dip in the sea you’re not alone! BUT just a small amount of gentle sport each day could prevent you gaining extra pounds while you are away.
One of the only opportunities you get all year to spend time to yourself without the pressures of work and day-to-day domestic life getting in the way, your summer holiday is the perfect time to get out exercising!

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How to burn calories

Here is a guide to some of the exercises you can easily fit into your daily routine on holiday – and the number of calories you will burn in 30 minutes.

Swimming – 250 calories
Cycling – 150 calories
Diving – 100 calories
Horseriding – 120 calories
Sailing – 100 calories
Table tennis – 120 calories
Tennis – 250 calories
Walking – 100 calories

Not drinking enough water in the morning can put you on a path to dehydration doom. Staying hydrated is important because of the added sweat loss in hot countries (compared to day-to-day activities like working at a desk or watching TV).

Whether you spend your holiday relaxing or use it as a time to let your hair down, alcoholic drinks are usually on the menu – and that can mean a lot of extra calories!

How to save calories
Alternate alcoholic drinks with a glass of water or low-calorie soft drink. As well as saving calories, it will also help to prevent dehydration and stop you from getting a hangover.
If you can’t resist a few cocktails, avoid those made with cream-based liqueurs, cream, coconut milk and syrupy fruit purees.
Drink a non alcoholic drink between alcoholic drinks. This can save several hundreds of calories in one night.
If you drink wine, have a small glass of wine with soda water (a spritzer) instead of a large glass of wine. This will save 80 calories.
Try to stick to spirits and wine – these are far less fattening than beer and cocktails. Spirits and low calorie mixers are particularly good – and will save 150 calories compared to a traditional mixer.

It’s tempting to try the local specialities on a foreign menu, but choosing carefully can make a huge difference to the amount of extra weight you bring home.
If you’re planning a long, leisurely lunch, then aim to have a smaller dinner. Or if you’re going to try the ‘eat-all-you-can-eat’ Mediterranean buffet for dinner, only have a light lunch.
Try avoiding fried food, filling up on fresh fruit and vegetables, basing your meals on bread, potatoes, rice or pasta and keeping fatty and sugary foods to a minimum.
Don’t let ‘all-you-can-eat’ buffets be your diet slayer! Fill your plate just once and don’t go back for seconds. The best options are fruit, cereal and bread for breakfast, grilled fish or chicken with lots of vegetables and salad for main meals, and fresh fruit available for desserts and snacks.

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How to save calories
One easy way to cut hundreds of calories is to replace crisps and nuts with olives. (Olives in brine contain just 3 calories each.)
Breakfast pastries such as croissants are also extremely fattening and will not leave you satisfied for long.
If you are tempted by Greek yoghurt for breakfast beware – it contains 10 per cent fat. Instead supplement it for a pot of full fat fruit yoghurt sometimes. This will save 100 calories.
Don’t be afraid to ask for sauces on the side with your dishes. Sauces made from cream can add several hundred calories to a dish.
Ask for grilled fish or chicken rather than fried. Frying will add at least 100 calories.
Choose a salad instead of chips with your meal. This will save you at least 200 calories.
Desserts can be tempting while you are away. But rather than indulge every night, why not try some of the local fruit? You will save yourself at least 100 calories compared with most other desserts – and probably many more.
If you are tempted by ice cream, try a sorbet. You will save almost 100 calories

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