The last Sunday training run of 2011 – “Death Alley revisited & the Prisoner”:

The final training run of 2011! And what a memorable one it was too. Yippee I hear you cry! As usual, well done to all the crew – Bob, Lucy, Neil, Michelle, Jo and of course Tim (more about Tim later) . The route was a simple one  – Fitforall along the seafront to the Palace Pier, then back along the seafront to the lagoon and onto Death Alley. All the way along basin road to Carrats Cafe and then back to the lagoon and finally back to the gym. See below on mapmyrun:

It was almost ideal running conditions – little bit overcast and grey mist which kept the temperature cool. Everyone settled into their groups – myself, Jo and Tim; Bob and Lucy; and finally Ed and Michelle. Being a slightly shorter run I left everyone to choose their pace – our group mixed between 8.30 and 9 min miles. The 1st part of the run was fine to the Palace Pier and back to the lagoon but as normal Death Alley (as it’s so appropriately named) was still tough even though after 6 miles. Death Alley is the part of the marathon course from 20-24 miles and runs from the lagoon into Shoreham harbour. I think the sheer bleakness and greyness gets to you whatever the mileage – still less after 20 miles. Nevertheless it still helps mentally to know what’s coming – I think 🙂

The part I’ve not mentioned is Tim. Tim was dressed as a prisoner…….see below Tim and Jo at the finish at Fitforall. Let’s just say Tim got a few toots and comments from the general public. Tim was sometimes in front of myself and Jo and sometimes behind. I think people couldn’t work out if we were chasing him or he was chasing us…… Anyway Tim is running for a very worthwhile Brighton charity – the Martletts Hospice. If you can dig deep one more time I’m sure he and the Martletts would appreciate it:

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