It’s been a crazy week for PT and the business. Therefore sorry for the slowness of this post!!!

Last Sunday was a great day for the long run. We started at Fitforall at with a quick warm up before heading off towards Hangleton road and snakey hill. A good turnout saw Bob, Michael, Lucy, Tim, Michelle and Neil all complete snakey – taking it all at various paces to ensure we got to the top without stopping. Then the run took us along the stone path towards Devils Dyke turning round at the car park just short of the car park at the start of the golf course. The way back brought a tough headwind but sunshine as well. We followed the same route back to the gym, arriving back in 1hr30 mins for the 9 miles. As usual, we stretched for 10-15 minutes – inside at Fitforall.

Monday 17th January Update 6. Mondays are always a busy day for PT so I had a shortened workout of 45 minutes to do a weights session and run. Therefore, I worked my chest and upper shoulders in 30 minutes leaving only 30 seconds between sets and using supersets where possible. I only had 15 minutes for the run. 3 minutes at 12km/h and 1 minute intervals of 12km/h and 14.5 km/h, finishing off for 2 minutes at 12km/h. Very tough although a very short run (covered 3.3km) I was still sweating as I started to train my first afternoon client!

Tuesday 18th January – Update 7. No run but a visit to Terry the podiatrist. As mentioned in previous posts, I have been suffering from sore balls of my feet. This had been previously diagnosed as sesamoiditis. Terry took one look at my feet and said both your arches have collapsed – referring to the metatarsal arch (the one that runs parallel to your toes). I said “Is that gonna stop me running?”. He replied “No, it happens in about 60-70% of people at different times in their lives”. He kindly made adjustments to my orthotics building up the area under the metatarsal arch to lift the arch and lower the toes and putting extra support under the ball of my foot where I was getting the pain. I may develop blisters on the top of my toes due to this development but fingers (or should I say toes) crossed I’ve not got any yet!!! Therefore, I decided to have a day to walk in the altered orthotics before running again.

Wednesday 19th January – Update 8. Get Jogging run at 6.30p.m Wednesdays. A good turnout of 11 people for the block interval training on the seafront. The runners had a choice of 5k – 1 circuit or just over 10k – 3 circuits. We all jogged down to the promenade where V bites cafe is based. From here I explained the route which was along the seafront  to the King Alfred car park and coming back along the pavement on the seafront road. I asked people to place themselves in similar paced groups of 2 and 3’s to provide company and encouragement to work harder on the faster intervals between the lamp posts. The plan being to run 1 fast and 1 slow until the King Alfred car park and then run at a constant pace back to the lagoon and round to the start of the promenade where the inervals between the lamp posts would start again.

I ran with Vicky and Lindsey for 1st run who had joined the group for the 1st time. They decided to do 1 block run and then head back to the gym. The other groups consisted of: Bob, Ed and Lucy, Ruth & partner, Tim and Ian,  and Neil and Michelle. Each group took the intervals at their own pace but with an eye to trying to push the faster intervals to work on improving fitness. I rejoined Ian and Tim for the 3rd interval run along the seafront. This was great fun and challenging as the competitive side arose which is part of the benefit of training with other runners! We all made it back to the gym at different times but managed to stretch at the end. From the feedback, everyone really enjoyed this run as it’s different and challenging to the normal 5 or 10k’s. A big up to all of you who came long – you all did well, pushing yourselves on the interval training.

Next update will be sunday. I will run a threshold run on friday and an interval based one on saturday – 1 on the treadmill and one outside – depending on the weather!

Sunday’s training run will be along the seafront – you can take a look at the route here:

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