I’m not good at regularly updating my blog! So apologies if you have looked and seen nothing!! Anyway here goes with the update for the last 10 days. I’m starting to feel really good as the adjustments to my orthotics, by Terry the podiatrist, are allowing me to run pain free for the first time in a long time – thank you Terry!

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Friday 21st January – I decided to do another threshold run on the treadmill. The pace I set the treadmill at is 13km/h – I can maintain this pace quite comfortably but it is a challenge. I ran at incline 1.0 for 30 minutes. When I finished I stretched for about 10 minutes, using 30-40 seconds per stretch. My calves were particularly tight so I stretched them for a little longer.

Saturday 22nd January – a good day starting with bootcamp in Henfield on Henfield Common. I managed to fit my run in about 11 but it was a quick 20 minutes interval run – a little short on time so I cranked up the intervals. This time I ran for 5 minutes at 12.5km/h, 1 minute at 15km/h then back to 12.5km/h for a minute for a total of 10 minutes with 5 minutes at 12.5km/h at the end. This was really hard and made me sweat so much!! I love the way you feel after a hard interval session – all those endorphins!!!!

Sunday 23rd January – the Sunday long run was on us again. Another beautiful day to run – slightly cold but sunny. This type of weather always reminds me of skiing in the Alps. So the route was simple 5 miles from Fitforall along the seafront to the marina and back for a total of 10 miles. The usual suspects Bob, Lucy and Neil turned up as well as Jo for the first time. We paired up as running partners – myself and Jo,  Bob and Lucy and Neil was without Michelle who he nearly runs with. It really was another stunning day for a nice easy seafront run. Well done to all – everyone pushed themselves for the last few miles to get back as quick as possible. Jo did a few extra miles on the treadmill to keep in sync with her plan of a sub 4 hour time. The rest of us did the normal 10 minute stretch on the mats where the Brazilian ju-jitzu has started at Fitforall.

Tuesday 25th January – another threshold run. This time I chose 25 minutes on the treadmill with a 5 minute cool down at the end. I started at 12.5km/h for 5 minutes, increasing to 13km/h for 5 minutes and then 13.5 km/h for 5 minutes and finally 14km/h for 10 minutes. I completed 5k in 22.40 minutes but continued to 25 minutes and then warmed down at 10km/h for the last 5. I’ll use this as a benchmark to improve my fitness each week upping by .5 or more depending on how I feel on the day. Later that day I trained shoulders – around 20 sets concentrating on hitting the shoulders from every angle – exercises included Arnold press, Front raises, lat raises, Behind neck barbell traps and In front of neck barbell traps.

Wednesday 26th January 2011 – the Timed 5k for Get Jogging. I would have to love to have run this timed 5k with everyone! Unfortunately, I had the job of timing and freezing the club members. It was a very cold dry evening (thankfully!) and a good one for the runners to take part. There were some fantastic 5kresults_260111 by everyone involved – well done!!! Timed 5k’s are great for several reasons – act as a benchmark for your fitness as we will be having 1 per month as part of Get Jogging event calendar, great for motivating you to try harder (therefore increasing your fitness) and giving you the chance to experience what it feels like to run against the clock.

Thursday 27th January 2011 – an interval run. 30 minutes in total. 5 minutes warm up at 12 km/h and then intervals of 2 mins at 15km/h and 1min at 12km/h for 21 minutes with 4 minutes at 12km/h at the end. Very hard run but felt great afterwards. I stretched for 10 minutes at the end but felt good. I also weight trained chest – 21 sets hitting the chest from every angle.

Friday 28th January 2011 – no running but a back workout in the evening. The return of weighted chin ups – only 5kg but this is always very hard. Fortunately, my training partner Sky Bliss was about to help me up and encourage the super slow lowering of my body under my weight. These exercises always make me feel sick but are so effective at building strength in the back and the V-shape that most men are looking for in their physique.

Saturday 29th Janaury 2011 – no running or weight training. Although Saturday mornings sees the Henfield Bootcamp on Henfield Common. Great weather again – sun and quite warm. There were odd numbers so I took part in most of the activities including the boxing. I really enjoy the boxing so it’s always fun for me to take part with the fellow bootcampers.

Sunday 30th January 2011 – the long sunday run. 11 miles. Again another stunning day for running – sunshine and coolness. I’d asked everyone to give me feedback on this route but no one replied except Hayley who questioned the hills that were suggested. Fair point as it was and is a challenging run. I wanted to give everyone a real test after the previous week’s gentle run along the seafront. Everyone did so well – getting up King George VI and also Mill Hill – both substantial hills that really work the lungs and help increase the fitness by taking your heart rate into 80-90%. The feedback was that everyone was pleased to have done them and agreed that the attacking them in a group spurred them on to try harder. As usual, we stretched thoroughly as a group in the Brazilian Ju-Jitzu area at Fitforall. Lastly, in no particular order as everyone did very well – well done to Lisa, Bob, Ed, Lucy, Jo, James, Susan, Hayley, Michelle, Eva and Neil.

That’s me up to date for now. Phewwww. Please leave a comment if you wish for more explanation about the science behind the training or more stories about the runners. Thank you!!!!

Happy running!


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