If anyone is experiencing sore legs, then perhaps consider a sports massage. For February I’m offering 1/2 price sports massage to Get Jogging members – just £22.50!!!!!

Monday 31st January – this was a rest day for me. However, I held the Bleep Test at Fitforall at 6.30p.m. I really like this test of your fitness. It is tough but there’s no better test of your Vo2 max. Click here to read more about the Bleep test. I was acting as referee and coach for those taking part. I wish I could have joined you! Quite a small turnout on a VERY cold night. Well done to all who took part – we will be doing another one in a couple of month’s time.

Tuesday 1st February – saw a short interval run of 25 minutes on the treadmill at Fitforall. 5 minutes at 12km/h. Then 2 minutes at 14.5km/h with recovery of 12km/h for 1 minute – repeated 4 times for a total of 15 minutes. And finally 5 minutes at 12km/h. A tough run but as always felt great afterwards. I stretched my legs for 10 minutes after the run.

Wednesday 2nd February – was a fantastic run with the Get Jogging crew from Fitforall. We ran from the gym (on Portland road) to Hove Park and then to the side of the Hove park where the Engineerium is based. We used the slope to do Hill sprints – about halfway to the top. I split the group into pairs of similar ability to do the sprints. The boys, as usual got super competitive especially Mark and Tim! However,  everyone tried really hard as it’s so much easier to push yourself on hill sprints if you have someone to run with! After completing at least 5 each I split the group into the 5k runners and 10k runners. I took the 5k group back to the gym which included 3 new runners (Keeley, Gaby and Ben) and Luke who used to come along last year. The 10k group jogged off along Goldstone, then up King George VI and back to Woodland Avenue and then back to the gym.

Thursday 3rd February – I wasn’t able to fit a training session personally but one of my clients wanted to run outside. So we went from Fitforall for what I call a block interval run. We ran to the seafront and started from the turn off at the lagoon. The interval part is simple – one fast one slow between the lamp posts until you reach the King Alfred car park where you turn back and run towards the lagoon. We repeated this block once more using the same interval sprints. the total run was about 40 minutes not including stretching.

Friday 4th February – no run but I did manage to get a weights session in at Cheetahs- concentrating on shoulders.

Saturday 5th February – a quick 30 minute steady run at 13km/h. Just for a change I decided to run at a steady pace – no intervals, no fartlek, no threshold run. Just a simple run!!!!!

Sunday 6th February – curse of the man flu and sore legs. I’d been getting slight pains down the front of my shins – first signs of shin splints. In combination with feeling low on energy I decided to give the Sunday run a miss. I felt really bad for not being their for the runners. However, the route was all planned and everyone knew what to do. I have subsequently found out that Ed, Bob, Lucy, Lisa and Michelle and Neil managed the 13.2 mile run (not 12.5 as per mapmyrun) really well without me!! I was gutted to miss it but sometime you know when it’s a good time not to run!

Monday 7th February – saw a Chest workout at Cheetahs and a 20 minute simple interval run. 5 minutes at 13km/h, 1 minute at 15km/h and 1 minute at 13km/h repeated 5 times for 11 minutes with 4 minutes at 13km/h to finish off.

Tuesday 8th February – was a day of rest running wise but I managed a 50 minute Back and biceps workout at Fitforall.

Wednesday 9th February – as usual brought the Get Jogging runs. Starting from Fitforall, after the usual 5 minute dynamic warm up, we headed of towards Portslade station, Hangleton road then towards the bottom of King George VI (Snakey Hill) . I started at the front with the main group (Ed, Bob, Mark, Gaby, Keeley, Clint and Ian) but dropped back to check on Michelle & Neil and then Victoria & Marianne. I stayed with Marianne and Victoria to ensure they knew the way. They decided to continue on the 5k without doing this week’s surprise – Hill sprints on King George VI. These sprints are always optional for the runners in the group. Most people opt to do them as they are easier when you have company. This time I extended the sprint to 20-25 seconds up the hill (compared with about 10 seconds the previous week) to fit the club runners who are middle distance. Click here for more info on the benefits of hill sprints. Again, everyone did really well – trying really hard. Special mentions go to Keeley and Gaby who worked very hard on their second run and to the bob and Ed who took each other on an finally to Mark, Clint and Ian who weren’t giving an inch!! After a short recovery, we split into the 5k and 10 k runs. I ran with Gaby back to the gym (although she wanted to join the 10k runners). I advised her to stick to 5k as it was her 2nd 5k run. I met everyone else back at the gym. Clint lead the group back – the last 2 miles at 8 minute miles!!!

Thursday 9th February – was a very busy day for me with PT and meetings. I managed to get a run with a client. he’s training for the marathon and with my sports massage advice is building up his mileage after developing fluid on his knees. Fortunately, they have improved and he is into a new routine of icing the knees and sticking to the adjusted training plan. We did the seafront block run ( a personal favourite of mine) which took about 50 minutes.

Ok that’s it for now – back up to date! I’m aiming to update this blog on a daily basis!!!! I wonder if I can do it 🙂

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