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Brighton Half Marathon Training – Final Update

So I’m not gonna back date my training blog but I am gonna talk about the Brighton Half marathon day. In a word BRILLIANT.

Sunday 21st February – Brighton Half Marathon Day

The day started well – no rain. We all met outside the cinema at the Marina – Neil, Michelle, Brandon, Tim, Bob and Family and Ed and his partner. We were all relieved there was no repeat of the appalling weather of last year! There were a few groans about the cold but it a little over an hour we would be warm from the running.

We walked to Madeira Drive where the race was due to start at 9.00a.m. On the way, I saw a few friends who were also doing the race including Ash Phelps – the editor of Brighton Active. He took a few pics of our group huddling together, looking rather cold! Hopefully I’ll get those pics through soon to put up. We then split up into smaller groups to queue for the start. I like to queue much closer to the start (around the 1hr 25 mins mark), although I had no intention of finishing in this time. However, the advantage is that you get a nice start without having to worry about overtaking or the crowds. Myself, Ed and Bob queued together along with a client of mine Mark. We tried to take part in the warm up but it was rather ineffectual due to the overcrowding. It limited the space to move!!!

The countdown started suddenly and then w e were off and over the start line probably within 30 seconds. I ran with Bob and Ed for the first ½ mile but then settled into my stride. I was aiming to run 7 minute 30 miles for the duration of the race. I felt ok for the 1st mile but by the end of the Steine and the start of marine parade I’d started to battle with my mind. The voices saying you’re nto feeling great turned up! However, I ignored them, took a look at my Garmin 305 and got on with my race pace. Naturally, when it comes to running uphill your pace slows which happened going out to Ovingdean as there are a few hills. I got to the 4 mile mark (or 3.75 as my Garmin said) feeling good in about 28 minutes – I hit 4 mile properly at 30 mins which was spot on. The new route meant lots of space to run (compared to last year where it went round the narrow streets of Brighton) and therefore a much more relaxed atmosphere.

The halfway mark (6 1/2 miles) came and went without any great event. I was on time for the 7 min 30 miles and feeling ok. My initial troubles had dissipated and I’d settled into my rhythm – so often the case with running. I’d started the very familiar stretch on the seafront from the palace Pier into Hove and along to the Lagoon. The conditions really favoured running – flat, no wind and on the cool side. The miles ticked down until mile 12 when I looked at my watch to pick up the pace. I’d be averaging closer to 8 mins for the last few miles but I managed to pull a little extra out for the last 1/2 mile finishing quicker. I finished in 1 hr 40 19 secs – about 3 mins slower than my target. I was pleased with the result given my aim was 1hr 37.5. Despite struggling with the race, i did really enjoy it – although if you look at my face in the sportcam pictures, I think you would disagree!!!

After finishing I stretched for little while as my muscles felt a bit too tight to stretch fully. After a few minutes I met Bob’s wife and daughter who were supporting him. Next through was Ed and then Bob shortly after. We waited for some of the other runners to come through but didn’t see anyone. We decided to head off to get changed and then to the Master Mariner for some well earned food. As I got the pub, Ed and his partner and Bob and family were sitting at the reserved table with their drinks. I ordered a pint of Guinness and sat down to talk about the race and the day. Slowly, the other regulars at Get Jogging started to arrive – Eva, James, Neil, Michelle and Tim. It was great to sit down and talk with everyone who had trained for the last couple of months. The food arrived and everyone set about their meals with gusto. I had the Beef and Ale pie which was fabulous. Everyone was very happy with their food – thank you Neil for the suggestion.

So, in all it was a great day. One well worth training and organising a meet afterwards.

That’s it for my Brighton Half Marathon Blog. But I have  a little admission to make…..I’m continuing the training to do the Brighton Marathon. So watch the blog for more updates and incites into my training.

Happy running!!!

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