Fitness at Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly’ and put on lots of weight if you don’t have a strategy for the Christmas Party season. You might have spent the last 3 months working very hard to get into that amazing Little Black Dress (and that includes the boys here in Brighton 🙂 ) so don’t wreck all your hard work in the month of December. Here are a few great tips to avoid piling on the pounds:

1. Always plan ahead – don’t go to a party hungry.
Before attending a Christmas party try to eat a healthy snack that will fill you up – preferably with a protein (like chicken or another low fat meat) and carbohydrate elements. A piece of fruit or a handful of nuts and seeds will also take the edge of the hunger and help you avoid the temptation to munch on the Hors d’oeuvres or canapĂ©s.

2. Be in charge of ALL your party choices.
The Christmas party season, if you work in a city, can be as much as a month’s worth of drinks and party’s that cannot be avoided. The best way to combat this is to have a strategy to limit the intake of potentially weight gaining food (and drink).

  • Ask for a small plate or choose a small plate. Pick vegetables and low fat meats avoiding any creamy sauces or dips. Avoid fatty foods like cheese, pork meats, crackers and bread based canapĂ©s.
  • Sweet Choices/Desserts – limit yourself to 1 cookie or sweet a day.
  • Alcoholic drinks – select a small glass if possible and choose the less volume option like wine rather than beer. If you are drinking spirits try to choose options without sugary/sweetened mixers. Soda water and lemon and lime as a mixer to dilute a spirit is often a good option. Another strategy is to drink a glass of water between alcoholic drinks.
  • Avoid sauces – anything creamy or excess condiments like mayonnaise or ketchup which are often full of sugar. For salads stick to olive oil or vinegar rather than pre-made salad creams.

3. Learn to say NO politely
Many times you will be tempted by the plethora of foods on offer. A simple “No thank you. I have had enough. Everything was delicious” will suffice and be welcomed by most host.

4. Give your sweet gifts away
If you are given a box of chocolates by a well meaning Aunt or Uncle then (without them knowing) give the chocolates/sweets away. You don’t have to eat them. Not having temptations in the house is the easiest way not to eat them!

5. Maintain your healthy diet and exercise
If you keep eating well and exercising all the way up to Christmas then you’ll want to keep in that routine.

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