Losing weight can be hard for most people. In most cases it is due to lack of information. Often it’s the little changes that make the big difference! 👌🏼

So we are here to help! Our best 7 food swaps to save you some precious calories that you are unknowingly wasting. Cutting just 50 calories per day through simple but clever swaps can add up to some great weight-loss achievement! 👏🏼 These little swaps can save you up to 5 pounds per month without having too much restriction. 

👉🏼 7 Small Food Swaps to Save Big Calories:

food swaps, calories, weight-loss, transform, butter, avocado☝🏼 UPGRADE: Try this perfect toast upgrade that offers you more heart-healthy fats and fibre! If you find it boring add a little pinch of salt and black pepper. Avocado’s creamy texture makes it also great for baking. YUM!


food swaps, calories, weight-loss, transform, spaghetti, courgetti☝🏼 SWAP OUT: Cut a big number of calories,  simple carbohydrates and eat plenty of dietary fibre with quick and easy and vitamins filled courgette spaghetti.


eat smart, save calories, swap this, for this, transform, personal training, rice, cauliflower☝🏼 TRY THIS: Steamed cauliflower, mashed with a fork, and seasoned with some salt makes it an incredible low calorie rice alternative that is full of fibre and phytochemicals beneficial for overall health!


eat smart, save calories, swap this, for this, transform, personal training, granola, muesli☝🏼 WATCH OUT: Granola tends to be loaded with sugars, so muesli makes a great topping for your yogurt that has less added sugar and oil.


eat smart, save calories, swap this, for this, transform, personal training, icecream, banan icecream☝🏼 OUR TIP: Simply combine cocoa powder, frozen bananas and a little plant based milk in a food processor for a awesome, lower calorie treat with extra fibre, potassium and considerably less calories.


weight loss, fitness, nutrition, healthy eating, diet, food swap, chips, potato, sweet potato☝🏼 DID YOU KNOW? Sweet potatoes are rich in the antioxidant beta-carotene, contains a small amount of vitamin C and are also full of potassium and vitamin B6 making it an amazing swap for the traditional-not-so-nutrition-rich white potatoes. 


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