Listening to music during a workout to motivate you and improve your performance isn’t exactly a new concept. But have you ever thought of HOW your favourite tunes enhance your workout?

One of the reasons can be that listening to music distracts us from our “body awareness” (or more accurately: pain). Listening to music during exercise may also increase speed and length of workout.

HERE are a few reasons why music should become your best friend while working out:

1. Music Is a Great Distractor

There is no need to explain this further. Just another tip – the faster the better! Upbeat tunes give our brains more information to process, which takes your mind off of those annoying stitches and aches.

2. Increases You Efforts

According to researches, we seem to actually work harder when listening to faster music as compared to music at a slower tempo (but don’t over do it with the beats – too fast is no good).

3. Sync In

We tend to associate certain songs with memories and past experiences. Chose songs that will motivate you to improve your physical performance.

4. Mood Elevator

One of the reasons we choose to listen to certain songs is to change our mood and find some self-awareness. Music sort of gives us an escape from the present. No matter what happened a few minutes ago, we can use your songs to “escape” negativity and power up through your workout.

5. Music Makes You Move

You really can’t stop the beat! Listening to up-beat music gets the brain excited and induces movement. Music will make you wanna move — no matter how much you are dreading that workout.

music workout

Point to remember

Music could also cause some safety issues when exercising outside. So if exercising outdoors near crowds, busy streets or roads, maybe it’s worth considering having the music on a lower volume – but either way – rock on!

Our 3 TOP song picks:

1. Yellow Light, Pharrell Williams
2. Get Up, Young Fathers
3. Andromeda, Gorillaz

Is your motivation still lacking and your workouts ever-so boring? 

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