Just when you thought that all the holidays were over — and no longer sabotaging your weight-loss — HERE comes Easter! With armies of chocolate bunnies and eggs in every store, and you or your relatives are probably planning an annual feast.

Here are our 3 simple – Healthy Easter Tips:

1. Watch that basket! Focus on the true meaning of the holiday rather than the food.

2. Stay Active! Go for a walk or continue with your exercise routine as you’d normally (it you lacking time – just do 30min instead of an hour workout). Or book in for a PT session with us! Get outside!

3. Be the ‘Cool’ Parent! Instead of buying lots of sweets, buy plastic or wooden eggs and fill them up with raisins, seeds/ nuts, trail mix or with stickers, git cards, colour chalks, jumping rope, lip gloss/stick or small toys.

Active Easter Egg Hunt

We also have a simple yet fun – Active Easter Activity for you and your children! Do join them in this activity, you will ALL love it, it will get you moving, and have fun at the same time. Here we go:

brighton-hove-healthy-easter1. Write clues on pieces of paper.

2. Place clues inside plastic eggs.

3. Place eggs in their specific location to be found by excited children – the usual egg hunt.

4. Children must do the exercise and then move onto the next location.



Top 5 clues:
1. Do 10 pushups, can you do more? Look for the next clue, on the front door.

2. Do a little dance, you’re almost done. Next clue is behind the shed.

3. Be a star! Do 5 jumping jacks! Have you checked the garage yet?

4. Raise your legs high and touch your knee to your nose… Do this 10 times, and then check the flower pot on the porch.

5. Sit down and stretch, you’ve been busy as a bee. Then get up and run, to the kitchen table!

Healthy Treats Tips

Keep your children healthy (they are already sweet enough) and instead of overdosing on chocolate create some healthy delicious alternatives for the whole family.

1. Nut Butter & Fruit (and carrot of course!)
To keep the carrots company, add some apple and/or banana slices in that Easter table, along with your favourite natural nut butter (we love Almond Butter) for a healthy fiber + protein filled snack.

2. Chocolate Covered Fruit
Cannot resist the chocolate temptation? Fine! Try this chocolate fix with a healthy amount of fruit. Dip whole strawberries, grapes, or banana slices in melted chocolate (use mix of dark and milk chocolate). Place the chocolate-ised fruit in small muffin baskets. For an extra crunch, roll the fruit in chopped nuts (our favourites are almonds, walnuts, and pistachios).

3. Chose Dark Chocolate
It would be almost inhuman to tell you to skip all chocolate fun completely (that’s just cruel), BUT you can choose a healthier chocolate eggs. YES – Dark chocolate with 70 percent or more cacao. (Cacao helps to lower blood pressure, reduce the risk for coronary heart disease). TIP – When sugar is the first ingredient, it may taste sweeter, but it has far fewer health benefits. So we recommend go for organic chocolate bars, little pricier, but with fewer ingredients (usually just cocoa, sugar, and sometimes an emulsifier, vanilla, and milk) and fewer artificial flavours.


Post-Easter Reset

Survived Easter? Here is a simple 3 day ‘re-start’ meal plan to take you from oh-too-much-sugar-bloated-self to your vital, elevated self.

Day 1

Breakfast: 2-egg omelette with mushrooms, kale and leek sautéed on coconut oil

Lunch: Big green salad with any veggies you like, roasted pumpkin and pumpkin seeds, dressed with olive oil and lemon juice

Dinner: Grilled chicken breast with sautéed zucchini, Brussels sprouts and asparagus in coconut oil and turmeric

AM Snacks: A green juice (and if you have to a little dark chocolate – dark!)

PM Snack: Celery sticks with hummus

Day 2

Breakfast: Omelette Wrap

Lunch: Big green salad with avocado, with apple cider vinegar, a little mustard and a splash of olive oil

Dinner: Spicy Salmon with Balsamic-Cinnamon roasted veggies

AM Snacks: A piece of fruit with a few nuts

PM Snack: Turkey + Lettuce wraps

Day 3

Breakfast: Immune-boosting recovery smoothie

Lunch: Big green salad with any veggies of your choice + 1 boiled egg, avocado or hummus, topped with walnuts and drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil

Dinner: Grilled chicken with sea salt and some spices, with steamed green beans and sautéed mushrooms and kale in coconut oil

AM Snacks: An apple with almond butter

PM Snack: 2 Rice cakes with cottage cheese and tomatoes

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