The time between Halloween and Valentine’s Day often feels like one long-fat chocolate & sugar holiday, and hey – Easter is just around the corner! So this Valentine’s day give a real gift of love – give a gift of health!

You have your sweetheart’s love and they have yours, and love is the key to someone’s heart – a happy healthy heart. So why would you gift your loved one with something that can ruin their health and heart?

So let’s keep the heart healthy with these 3 key tips:

valentines day gift

1. Don’t settle for temporary – chose permanence

Treats and chocolates are out of fashion and are no longer original (unless you give a homemade raw dark chocolate). Our tip is = be creative! Write a poem describing your feelings (or search the internet for one), give a personal training session voucher, book a yoga or a tantric workshop for the two of you, make a heart shaped fruit salad for breakfast, book the two of you for a raw cooking course or give a beautiful fresh – fruit basket! Single? Even better – treat yourself to something exciting that you always wanted!

2. Quality time

This is one of the most meaningful gifts you can give. Plan an active outing such as ice skating, short ski trip, romantic walk/ hike watching the sunset, do indoor rock wall climbing, try out that new restaurant or create a healthy romantic culinary experience for the two of you at home.

Remember to ‘think red’ – red bell peppers, cherries, strawberries, red beans, red onions and tomatoes are all packed with vitamins, cancer-fighting antioxidants or cholesterol-busting fiber and protein. In addition, a daily glass of red wine is believed to help reduce the risk of blood clots and keep the cardiovascular system in shape (YAY).

3.  Healthy children = happy children

If your children are having a Valentine’s Day party at their school or day care, don’t be one of those lazy parents giving them out artificial sweets and chocolates. Be the cool parent – give raisins, nuts / seeds (check if this is allowed), grapes, whole-grain pretzels – make a trail mix! Bake some sugar free muffins or raw vegan truffles, give them coloured pencils, crayons or stickers.

valentines day gift


If you (sadly) do end up getting something sweet make sure to take it slow. If you receive a luxurious box of chocolates, throw it in the freezer and enjoy it in moderation over the next few weeks. Having a small slice of cake or a couple truffles will not lead to weight gain BUT you have to remember that moderation is the key! So don’t feel guilty if you have a few, as long as it really is a few.

Also, just because someone else at work was given chocolates or treats for Valentine’s Day, while you didn’t because your loved one knows better, remember they are bringing these to work just because they don’t want to eat all the calories from sugar by themselves! So NO you don’t have to sacrifice yourself, let them have it.

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