The number of resolution made and resolution failed each New Year is nearly equal. BUT this year we researched our brains out for you to solve this issue and turn your resolutions into reality. 

These few effective strategies will help to shift your mindset in order to achieve success in fulfilling all you new year resolution. So let’s make those resolutions stick!


1. Get To Know yourself

Understanding the way the brain works is critical when it comes to achieving goals. Our minds tend to create judgmental negative thoughts, and obstacles to sabotage our goal achievement. Our thoughts exist because of what is going on in our head and not what is going on in the world around us.

Are you asking yourself how to overcome the influence of you own mind?

Two of the best strategies for staying present and separating thoughts from reality are writing things down and meditating our mind. As little as 5 to 10 minutes a day of mindful meditation can help in letting thoughts “pass by” without judgment, or perceiving our thoughts as obstacles. When we master how to take control of our thoughts, they will no longer block us from achieving our goals.

2. Setting Goals the Right Way

So we know it takes about 66 days to learn a new habit, in other words – there is no exact number for achieving new goals. Being specific and having a clear vivid idea of what we want to achieve can go a long way.

When setting new goals, get clear about how long the new habit will last for, if the goal is to be longterm, be specific about milestones and accountability.

Specifics are key to every aspect of a resolution: Measurable goals are the achievable ones:
• Be Specific
• Use Present Tense
• Establish a Timeline

A good example of a bad resolution is goal such as – “Lose weight” while “Lose one pound a week,” on the other hand, is more easy to measure and therefore more achievable.

3. Avoid Drawbacks

Prevention is the key to avoiding obstacles. Changing your mindset will make all the difference. Commitment will determine whether a new habit becomes a long-term change. Avoid focusing not on what you do not want to do, but rather on what you do want to achieve.

Are you hoping to lose weight? Don’t focus on giving up cakes and treats but try focusing on eating a number of fruits or vegetables, or drinking a certain amount of water per day. Positive resolution will give a positive attitude so you are more likely to succeed.

The number one reason for people to fail their goals are people surrounding them. People tend to question our new habits, if they do – try to direct the conversation away. If you get invited for cocktails and burritos the day you decide to start your weight loss programme, try suggesting a different – healthier restaurant, and remember that you can say no.

Setting and then achieving your goals is mostly about mindset. When we understand how our minds work, we give ourselves specific goals, avoiding drawbacks, we can create motivation from within, that will help us succeed in every new goal!


Quick BONUS Tips:

1. Be Confident
2. Share it
3. Reward Yourself
4. Keep it Real
5. Break it Down
6. Be Specific – yet – Challenging
7. One Goal at the Time


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