28 Day Fitlean Programme

At TRANSFORM Personal Training we worked hard to put together this revolutionary 28 DAY FITLEAN PROGRAMME that provides you unique training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching in order to change habits, transform your body and increase your confidence.



Is This You?

• A woman between the age of 30 and 60 and you want to lose 10-15lbs..
• Tried numerous diets and weight loss programmes and HAVE NOT gotten the results that you want and you want to know why…
• Feel you DON’T HAVE TIME to spend hours working out and you want to learn how you can transform your body without spending tons of time in the gym and/or kitchen.
• Want to dramatically improve the quality of your relationships and your sex life…
• Have ever struggled with staying motivated and remaining consistent in your workouts or your eating habits.
• You’re fed up with not being able to fit into the clothes that make you feel more comfortable, confident and self-assured.
• You’re sick and tired of struggling to lose weight and want a programme that’s guaranteed to get results or gives you your Money Back!


Training Sessions:

• 4 Weeks long Training Programme
• 2x per Week Training Sessions + BONUS group  Training Session on saturday every week
• Small group training – 2 People Per Session
• A combination of Weighted Resistance & Body Weight Exercises
• These training sessions aim is to utilise your entire body to speed up your metabolism and build lean muscle mass – not get bulky!
• Are designed to achieve your lean, toned and strong – self
• And some cardiovascular fitness using multiple muscle group simultaneously

and MORE:

• Healthy & Easy to follow 4 week Meal Plan = NO restrictive fad diet!
• Webinar about nutrition and understanding of the meal plan
• 28 Day Fitlean Programme – Group Support on Facebook
• 1 Hour Personal Consultation – Health & Lifestyle discussion + Brief Movement Screening

Are you:
Willing to follow a meal and a training plan?
Ready to make changes to your life and to achieve your goals?




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28 day fitlean programme

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