Anyone who has experienced a period of illness or injury will understand the impact such a condition has on the body. If you are training for a race this might not only be a physical but also mental struggle, especially if you one of those who are not great at missing a training.

It’s extremely important that you listen to your body as you navigate your way through recovery. Also, follow the guidance of your doctor, physical therapist or your personal trainer will be very beneficial and may speed up your recovery.


How quickly do you lose your fitness?

The average drop-off in fitness after 12 days was: measurable declines in fitness, and enzyme levels associated with performance drop by half.

regain fitness

The GOOD news!

To regain fitness after time off won’t take as long as you think. Here is what you should consider when reintroducing physical activity into your daily life:

1. Take it slow

Allow your body and brain the time they need to begin communicating again. When your muscles are called to action, even in a relatively simple task, your brain and the muscles and nerves necessary to carry out that task must communicate.

2. ‘Walk it off’

Walking is the most natural type of movement for our body and swimming as well as gentle yoga would also be a great form of movement to start off with.

3. Remember that pain is pain

Forget the motto No pain, no gain, when it comes to illness or injury! Pain is the body’s signal that you are going too far. Give your body time and listen to your body.

4. Pay attention to nutrition and hydration

Feed your body the best you can! Reach out for anti-inflammatory foods and include plenty of leafy vegetables and sufficient water.

5. Consider working with a professional with an understanding of your condition

They can provide you with a step-by-step programme according to your needs to get you back to the level of physical fitness you want for yourself. If you are looking for a programme to get you back on track we are happy to help! Book your free consultation HERE!

The body will recover in time, given the right conditions. A good point to remember is to nurture yourself back to health by including nutrition, and positive, loving thoughts!

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