Ditch the cardio, hit the weights!

Why getting stronger will help you lose weight…

Be honest, you’ve said the following sentence before:
“I want to lose 20-50 pounds, and I’d like to pack on some muscle too…but not too much! Can I do this in 2-3 months?”
I know you have, because we all did when we started training.

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Fast weight loss

Get stronger, look better. Is that too much to ask? No one thinks these two things can happen simultaneously BUT luckily they can.

So what can you do?
Practice.  Heavy weights (75%+), low reps (fewer than 5.  Less than 3 is better).  Keep in mind that if you’re losing weight, muscular recovery will be problematic.  Therefore, don’t even go close to failure.  If you’re sore the next day, you did too much.  Drop the volume next time.
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Try Strength Training
To burn fat, build muscle. Research and practical experience has shown that pumping some iron will boost your metabolism and dramatically improve your weight loss efforts, helping you look your best.

Bodyweight exercises are very effective just as traditional weight training. What makes bodyweight training so great is that you can work out anytime, anywhere, and bodyweight exercises can be modified to fit any fitness level.

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Why Resistance Training For Fat Loss
Resistance training workouts that burn fat are done with little rest and use your big muscle groups. No triceps kickbacks or inner thigh machines. Instead, you are going to use supersets or short circuits made of compound movements that don’t allow for a full recovery. And when the workout is done is where the magic happens.

Well after you’ve finished your workout your body will still be hard at work. Because of the intensity of the exercise routine you never get a chance to fully recover during the workout. This puts your metabolism into overdrive as your body tries to return to normal.

Fast weight loss

Organise your workout so that you go from an upper body exercise immediately followed by a lower body exercise. Then take a short break, 45 seconds or less and repeat. Do 7– 9 reps for each exercise. Do 2 or 3 sets before moving on to a different set of exercises. Below are a few sample workouts.

Bodyweight Example
1a. Push Up
1b. Squats
2a. Inverted Row
2b. Mountain Climbers
3a. Jumping Split Squats
3b. Stick Ups

Dumbbell Example
1a. Bench Press
1b. Deadlift
2a. One Arm Rows
2b. Ab Roll Outs
3a. Push Press
3b. Pull Downs

A good resistance training program will do more for you than just tone your muscles. You will look better then ever. Sagging body parts will firm up, you’ll look years younger, and the stubborn body fat will fall off.

Swap out a few cardio sessions for some metabolic resistance training workouts and watch your metabolism skyrocket as you increase your lean muscle mass.

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