Squeezing too much fruit into your diet may do more harm than good!

With the summer approaching our bodies naturally begin to crave cleansing, hydrating foods. Be warned! Although fruit comes bundled with fiber and other nutrients = the fructose in fruit is still sugar, and when we overdo it, that sugar is warmly welcomed into our fat cells. Here’s how to keep a healthy habit from turning harmful.

Over Fruiting
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1) Scale back on the sweetest stuff.
No fruit is off-limits, but bananas and grapes aren’t exactly weight-loss weapons. Better options are: strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, and papaya, all of which have a low glycemic index, a measure of how strongly a food impacts your blood sugar.

2) Pass up the supersize produce.
Choose the smallest size available

3) Stop at two.
Limit yourself to two pieces or cups of fruit a day.

4) Take smoothies into account.
Even the green kind can contain up to four servings of fruit and 90 grams of sugar. If nutritional information is available, choose a smoothie with 30 or fewer grams of sugar and make that your only fruit for the day!

5) Pair with protein.
The fiber in fruit helps regulate your body’s absorption of the sugar so your energy levels don’t spike and crash, but adding some fat and/or protein slows it down even more. Pair your fruit with nuts, seeds, sliced turkey or jerky.

Over Fruiting

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